Don’t feed the trolls!

This week I came across a funny saying. I mean I am a gamer and I love the web but must admit that I have missed this saying. I always knew who these internet trolls were but I just didn’t call them this way. for me they were just annoying people on facebook or other social networks that just run around and feed the fire with their angers and suppressed emotions.

I found out about it while reading a spot on how to make my facebook page better. and there it was – “Don’t feed the trolls!” I really laughed a lot and decided to read more about internet trolls to find out what’s already out there. so the first hillarious things I came across was this brilliant video:

Other than that I kept looking and found out that there are also other types of internet trolls, who were called photoshop trolls.

There is a very famous thread of a guy who simply asked on a forum if someone can help him taking the red out of his eyes.

the results were that people created more than 200 variations of him, and the thread in that forum actually lasted for around 3 years! so be careful with what you wish for. here is the link for a few of the best ones there

Trolls are a test for all of us

Trolls are simply people who got pushed around too much and then finally for the first time they can get online and hassle people around. the thing is that if you cope with them you lose. hence the famous saying. the more you get angry and argue the more they intensify themselves because this is exactly what they are doing there to begin with.

I would say that a person with mature emotional intelligence will know how to say no to the troll. the best trick is to either show them empathy or ignore them. if you offer them empathy be sure not to be cynical. and stick to your positive support even if they strike you back at first.

They simply want to break you down. stay strong and don’t feed the trolls!


Why you really want to stay updated with Twich

Twich is an exciting tool tom improve your skills at any games. even though it may seem to you that watching video gameplay can teach you nothing you are quite wrong. when you see masters play one another you can learn so many things about a map. I have learned some of my best map strategies when watching battlefield 4 tournaments and quake live tournaments.

The choice of weapons, up to the entire gameplay can show you what really works and where to focus your energies. one of the best examples is that You will never see a highly skilled quake player use a shotgun when in one on one combat. there is simply no reason to do so since any other weapon can cause lots of damage.

Tox VS evil this year is one the the best tutorials I had on this map.

I recommend all of you out there to watch twitch and combine it with your gameplay. You will surely have so much to learn from it. more than you imagine. and if sometimes you are just worn out from being fragged away and you want to see some success on your screen , I suggest you tune in and watch a nice tournament.

Is will surely worth it for you!

Lady Day at 100

Hilary Gardner: Ad Alta Voce

033-billie-holiday-theredlistToo often, when we hear about Billie Holiday, we hear mainly about her struggles with substance abuse.  We hear about her tumultuous love life and troubled childhood. We see photographs of the now-iconic gardenia in her hair and the glass of gin in her hand and we marvel at the “feeling” she put into her music, an organic by-product of the tragedy and hopelessness in her personal life.

Well, yes, it’s true that Billie Holiday could tear your heart out with her plaintive, spare renderings of sad songs.  But it’s condescending and reductive to attribute the emotional impact of Billie Holiday’s singing to her tempestuous personal life.  She was a masterful musician, first and foremost, and it’s a shame to gloss over that fact in favor of the more salacious elements of her story.

When I listen to early Billie Holiday recordings, I marvel again and again at the suppleness and horn-like flexibility…

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Why I Don’t Run. Ever.

IM not running

Calling Through The Fog

chariotsIt was my first time in a cinema and I was agog.

People dipped discreetly into boxes of chocolate-covered nuts. There were carpets on the walls. An entire seat just for me. And not the usual rubbish designed for children, made of Marmite-proof, Oros-repellent plastic: this one was upholstered in the kind of plush, red velvet you can only dream of when you’re six. Best of all, we’d come to see Chariots Of Fire, a film about two of my favourite things at the time: chariots and fire.

When we opened on a beach in Scotland, with no sign of burning two-wheelers, I was disappointed. But only for a moment. Soon I was bewitched by the iconic theme, clean as endorphins pulsing through a brain; hypnotised by the white-clad figures skipping through the St Andrews surf.

One of them seemed to be overcome with some sort of rapture, throwing…

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Grand Theft Auto V movie



When i was a young kid and youtube came around, I have seen such channels as Machinima and Halo’s Red VS Blue take video games and make a web series out of a video game. Machinima would use mods to tamper with the content and do whatever they wanted to the game… of course this meant a lot of horses riding old school cadillacs through parks, running over people who were jogging. modding a game is fun, its acceptable and is great for squeezing out some fake and even real internet points (depending if you were a paid videographer on YouTube). Grand Theft Auto IV was the game that really changed it all for games being turned into a web series. they did this even before games like Team fortress and mass effect but not before Halo’s Red VS Blue, reason being is that Halo was its own show, not…

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MSI GeForce GTX 960 Gaming 2G – Should I replace my old GPU?

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Last month NVIDIA releases their one of the coolest mid-range graphics card “GeForce GTX 960”. GTX 960 is the part of the Maxwell family which is pretty much one of the most successful manufacturing technology which is well-known for low power consumption and more performance, GTX 900 series are one of the best GPU available for gaming. Wait! But there are budget problems as every one can’t afford those cool GTX 970’s and 980’s. So here it is the mid-range Maxwell monster, The GTX 960. It replaces GTX 760, but it’s designed more as an upgrade for GTX 660 and GTX 560 users, which still make up a large portion of the market. The GTX 960 starts at $240 and, MSI’s card is one of the cheaper models at $250. It mainly competes with AMD’s Radeon R9 285 and Radeon R9 280.

MSI GTX 960 Gaming 2G MSI GTX 960 Gaming 2G

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